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    This article is for a metaphysical stance which rejects the existence of God. For an anti-religious stance which rejects organized religion, see Antitheism.

    Atheism is a metaphysical stance that rejects the existence of God, or any deities. Despite the common misunderstanding, atheism is not necessarily anti-theist.

    Beliefs[edit | edit source]

    God[edit | edit source]

    God or gods are not real.

    Science[edit | edit source]

    Science is the opposite of religion because it's not "magic" and is objective (missing the entire point of wonders).

    Church[edit | edit source]

    The church was an invention of the state to control the population and keep them in wrong way.

    Variants[edit | edit source]

    Negative Atheism[edit | edit source]

    Also called weak atheism or soft atheism, is a type of atheism where a person does not believe in the existence of god, but doesn't assert that god doesn't exist. This is also known as agnostic atheism.

    Positive Atheism[edit | edit source]

    Positive atheism (also called strong atheism or hard atheism) is a type of atheism were a person does not believe in the existence of god while positively reject the existence of any sort of deity. A person of this belief is 100% certain that god doesn't exist.

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Is your average hedonist teenager who thinks they're smarter than anyone else, is also very ignorant and spends his time watching anime, playing videogames, watching porn and other stuff the entire day.

    How to Draw[edit | edit source]


    Relationship[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Frenemies[edit | edit source]

    • Charvaka - We are both atheistic but you still believing in a lot of mystical stuff.
    • Atheistic Satanism - If you don't believe in Gods, you don't really need to worship Satan.
    • Pantheism - I guess you are better than monotheism... just maybe.
    • Antitheism - Not all of us are anti-theist, though there are anti-theists who believe in the existence of God.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    Further Information[edit | edit source]

    Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

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