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    "Act only on that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

    Flag of Moralism

    Moralism is the practice of morality or being moral. It believes you should base all your decisions on morality, and that no good will come from immorality.

    Variants[edit | edit source]

    Schools of Thought[edit | edit source]

    Moral Absolutism[edit | edit source]

    Moral Relativism[edit | edit source]

    Moral Universalism[edit | edit source]

    Moral Individualism[edit | edit source]

    Moral Subjectivism[edit | edit source]

    Moralist Transcendentalism[edit | edit source]

    Moral Particularism[edit | edit source]

    Regional[edit | edit source]

    Moral Panics[edit | edit source]

    Moral Intellectualism[edit | edit source]

    Moral Economics[edit | edit source]

    Legal Moralism[edit | edit source]

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Frenemies[edit | edit source]

    • Moral Panics - Me, but focused on targeting specific groups, customs, social norms, etc. that are vile and violates the universal moral and ethical principles. Wait, a big chunk of you wanted to torture and kill these undesirable people?! No, this isn't what I wanted, that is immoral! I just wanted those people to be rehabilitated, not to kill and torture them!
    • Hedonism - You believe in morality and strive to improve quality of life, but you can become degenerate.
    • Ethical Egoism - Your emphasis on individual good can harm the common good.
    • Rationalism - Not all moral and ethical principles are applied with reason, which certain moral and ethical principles aren't even based on reason at all.
    • Empiricism - Same as above, but based on experiences and observations
    • Irrationalism - As much as I want to like you, especially with you believing that solely using rational and empirical for knowledge isn't the only things that determines it, but embracing instincts and subjectivity can lead to more people violating moral and ethical principles.
    • Emotivism - Even tho they make emotive appeals towards me, but they're subjective, from person to person, which means that certain people would think that certain things that violates moral and ethical principles are moral and ethical, meanwhile others would think of the opposite.

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    • Immoralism - The opposite of my rights... Please don't break them.
    • Moral Nihilism - Morals and ethics aren't meaningless... Actions can be morally and ethically right or wrong, and a stable society must have everyone base all decisions solely based on morality and ethics. Governments, intergovernmental organizations, companies, etc. can further push these universal moral and ethical principles upon society and all of us must learn to adopt them.

    Further Information[edit | edit source]

    Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

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