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    Nihilism is a philosophical concept asserting that existence lacks intrinsic purpose, absolute significance, or inherent values. It views beliefs and social norms as human-made constructs without objectivity. The term originates from Latin "nihil," meaning "nothing." Nihilist thinkers question universal truths, moral absolutes, and religious dogma, suggesting these are human inventions to impose meaning on chaos. Nietzsche distinguishes passive nihilism (rejecting structures without alternatives) from active nihilism (creating new values). Nihilism challenges politics, religion, and society, often criticized for neglecting ethics and the search for meaning in human life.

    Variants[edit | edit source]

    EpisNil.png Epistemological Nihilism[edit | edit source]

    MoralNihil.png Moral Nihilism[edit | edit source]

    ExisNil.png Existential Nihilism[edit | edit source]

    MetaphNil.png Metaphysical Nihilism[edit | edit source]

    PolNil.png Political Nihilism[edit | edit source]

    ReligiousNihil.png Religious Nihilism[edit | edit source]

    MarketNihil Depressed.png Market Nihilism MarketNihil.png[edit | edit source]

    Personality[edit | edit source]

    Nihilism doesn't want to do anything.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Relationships do not matter anyway.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Further Information[edit | edit source]

    Nihilism didn't want this, but...

    Wikipedia.png Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

    Videos[edit | edit source]

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