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    Polytheism is a religious belief that there are multiple distinct gods.

    Beliefs[edit | edit source]

    While there are many different types of polytheistic religions, here are some common themes that can be found in them:

    1. Worshipping a pantheon of different gods, goddesses, and spirits.
    2. Using magic, rituals, etc. to become close to the divine.
    3. Venerating deceased ancestors.
    4. Having a priest or priestess conduct rituals on the feast days for the gods.
    5. Revering nature.

    Variants[edit | edit source]

    Hard Polytheism[edit | edit source]

    Hard polytheism is a type of polytheism which views the gods as separate and distinct entities

    Soft Polytheism[edit | edit source]

    Soft polytheism is a form of polytheism which view the gods as different aspects of a singular, transcendent God. It can also refer to beliefs that view the divine as personification of the natural world or as psychological archetypes.

    Polydeism[edit | edit source]

    Polydeism is a form of deism where multiple gods existed and created the world, but they don’t interact with the world.

    Henotheism, Monolatry, and Kathenotheism[edit | edit source]

    Henotheism is the worship of one god, with the acceptance that other gods exist. Monolatry is the belief in multiple gods, but the consistent worship of only one god.

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