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    Skepticism comprises a range of philosophical perspectives that cast doubt on the attainability of knowledge. What sets it apart from other skeptical viewpoints is its inclination to challenge not only typical beliefs rooted in common sense but also well-founded claims to knowledge.

    Variants?[edit | edit source]

    Religious Skepticism[edit | edit source]

    Scientific Skepticism[edit | edit source]

    Philosophical Skepticism[edit | edit source]

    Academic Skepticism[edit | edit source]

    Modern Skepticism[edit | edit source]

    History?[edit | edit source]

    Skepticism is a concept that has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient Greece and the works of Pyrrho of Elis and Sextus Empiricus. In its most basic form, skepticism is the attitude of doubting knowledge claims and questioning accepted beliefs, norms, and values. Over time, skepticism has evolved into a complex and nuanced philosophical movement, with various schools of thought and ideas.

    Beliefs?[edit | edit source]

    Skepticism is an attitude of doubt and inquiry, which challenges accepted beliefs and knowledge claims. Skeptics question the validity of beliefs and reject or suspend their acceptance until they have been verified. The beliefs of skeptics have been shaped by centuries of philosophical thought and inquiry, and as such, vary across time, place, and individuals.

    Personality?[edit | edit source]

    He has doubts about his personality

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    Friends?[edit | edit source]

    • Cartesianism - Asks good questions, even if he is a little hasty to get to the answers?
    • Post-Modernism - Skeptical towards meta-narratives?
    • Nihilism - Thank you for teaching me how to doubt traditional meanings. Wait am I asserting teaching or nothing could actually be taught?
    • Agnosticism - Has good doubts on religions?

    Frenemies?[edit | edit source]

    • Platonism - He only likes me when his teacher does it?
    • Socratism - Being skeptical is good...yet why do you just want to draw conclusions by means of doubt?

    Enemies?[edit | edit source]

    • Why should I have enemies?

    Further Information[edit | edit source]

    Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

    Reading[edit | edit source]

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