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    This user makes icons

    "Try fitting a flag in 268 pixels and see."

    Test[edit source]

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    Pages that was been deleted[edit source]

    • MoneyWorship.png Money Worship
    • Flatearthf.png Flat Earth Theory

    Opinions[edit source]










    I think that the effects of introducing animal rights will be very dangerous for people.





    Comments[edit source]

    Hey can we create a leninist page

    Zedroball.png Zedro - Is it possible to make a page for the Philosophyball icon.png Mascot, like Companyball.png The other wikis Altcentr.png? Or is that not allowed?

    •  DualPlay  - Previously it served as Skeptic.png Skepticism to the previous philosophyball, though it could be something. Though I have no idea what it could be used for.
    • Zedroball.png Zedro - Maybe it can be the philosophy that has a personality like Ismism Icon.png Ismism, but its less political and more towards philosophy. Maybe the name can be Philosophyball icon.png Philphil
      •  DualPlay  - just Neologism. Alternatively, it may be an icon of philosophical neologism.

    Zedroball.png Zedro - Heya, is anyone wanting to work on the Horror group aesthetics? Like, Horror, Analog Horror, and Liminal Horror? If not, could I work on it?

    Why do the balls here have such good resolution (in desktop view, not mobile view) compared to both the Polcompball and Polcompball Anarchy wikis, in which they are much fuzzier? I originally posted this question at PCBA, but got no replies (I later discovered this only applies to my iPad and iPhone for some reason, on my Windows computer all three render perfectly). Holon (talk) 00:01, 8 September 2023 (UTC)

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