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    Anarchist Variants[edit source]

    Classical Anarchism[edit source]

    Ecological Anarchism [edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    Individualist Anarchism [edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    Mutualist Anarchism [edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    Social Anarchism[edit source]

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    Post-Classical Anarchism[edit source]

    Feminist Anarchism [edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    Postcolonial Anarchism[edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    • African Anarchism
    • Black Anarchism
    • Celtic Anarchism
    • Democratic Confederalism
    • Independence Anarchism
    • Neozapatismo

    Contemporary Anarchism[edit source]

    Nihilist Anarchism [edit source]

    Green Anarchy[edit source]

    Post-Anarchism[edit source]

    Post-Left Anarchism[edit source]

    Market Anarchism[edit source]

    Agorism [edit source]

    Capitalist Anarchism [edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    Pacifist Anarchism [edit source]

    Christian Anarchism [edit source]

    Overlapping theories:

    Opinions[edit source]

      I don't criticize you so much anymore... Biologically, you can have 3 genders: male, female and non-binary, infertility (if it comes to transgender, it would be possibly corrected male/female). Culturally, you can be any gender.
    • Agnosticism Agnosticism
      I understand that you are not interested in religion, although you will lose your possible existence or not...
    • Animal Rights Animal Rights
      I think that the effects of introducing animal rights will be very dangerous for people.
    • Christianity Christianity
      The idea of Christianity itself is not that bad... Although I disagree with many key things, for example believing in only one God.
    • Nationalism Nationalism
      I understand they want to stay with the nation, although it only makes sense if it's posthumously...
    • Atheism Atheism
      It's better to believe in something than nothing... If there is atheism, then there is something to be afraid of current life...
    • Communism Communism
      I supported communism, but now I know that its initial implementation turned out to be unsuccessful and corrupt.
    • Nihilism Nihilism
      Everything has a purpose, it's not that everything doesn't make sense...
    • Racism Racism
      There is no sense to critize for race. Unless someone is allergic to other races

    Favouable Quotes[edit source]

    "Genocide is just another game.
    It doesn't matter whether it's humans or Makai residents."

    Yuuka Kazami, Touhou 5: Mystic Square

    Comments[edit source]

    Hey can we create a leninist page

    Zedro - Is it possible to make a page for the Mascot, like The other wikis ? Or is that not allowed?

    •  DualPlay  - Previously it served as Skepticism to the previous philosophyball, though it could be something. Though I have no idea what it could be used for.
    • Zedro - Maybe it can be the philosophy that has a personality like Ismism, but its less political and more towards philosophy. Maybe the name can be Philphil

    Zedro - Heya, is anyone wanting to work on the Horror group aesthetics? Like, Horror, Analog Horror, and Liminal Horror? If not, could I work on it?

    Why do the balls here have such good resolution (in desktop view, not mobile view) compared to both the Polcompball and Polcompball Anarchy wikis, in which they are much fuzzier? I originally posted this question at PCBA, but got no replies (I later discovered this only applies to my iPad and iPhone for some reason, on my Windows computer all three render perfectly). Holon (talk) 00:01, 8 September 2023 (UTC)

    - Hey can you change my User| thingy to be more accurate to my editing color thingy y'know

     Besteybeetophile  - Why did you make it yellow now it looks bad! Revert it back it looked good

    •  DualPlay  - I thought it was about the color of the theme on your userpage.

     Besteybeetophile  - Last request can you remove the second icon pls

    WalterCyan - Hey, I have an idea; what if we made a page that is a philosophical equivalent of Kakistocracy? I would call it Ignorance.

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