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    Vaporwave is a internet aesthetic that emerged in the early 2010s.

    Beliefs[edit | edit source]

    Nostalgia and Irony[edit | edit source]

    Vaporwave embraces a sense of nostalgia for the past, particularly the consumer and digital culture of the 1980s and 1990s. However, this nostalgia is often accompanied by a sense of irony, as artists and enthusiasts play with and critique the cultural artifacts they are referencing.

    Consumerism Critique[edit | edit source]

    Vaporwave often serves as a commentary on consumerism, mass production, and the excesses of late capitalism. The genre and its aesthetic frequently incorporate images of consumer products, corporate logos, and advertising materials, highlighting the commodification of culture.

    Aesthetic Ecclecticism[edit | edit source]

    Vaporwave embraces a diverse range of visual and auditory styles. It often incorporates elements of surrealism, cyberpunk, glitch art, and retro-futurism. The result is a visually eclectic and sometimes disorienting blend of images and sounds.

    Digital and Virtual Worlds[edit | edit source]

    Vaporwave frequently explores themes related to the digital and virtual realms. This includes imagery associated with early computer graphics, internet culture, and virtual environments, contributing to a sense of escapism and detachment.

    Sampling and Repurposing[edit | edit source]

    In music, vaporwave often involves sampling and manipulating tracks from the '80s and '90s. This process can involve slowing down, chopping up, or distorting the original material to create something new. This approach reflects a DIY ethos and a willingness to deconstruct and reconstruct cultural artifacts.

    Ambiguity and Ambience[edit | edit source]

    Vaporwave often creates a dreamy and ambient atmosphere. The music and visuals frequently evoke a sense of ambiguity and detachment, inviting the audience to interpret and experience the art in a subjective manner.

    Aesthetic of Decay[edit | edit source]

    Some vaporwave art embraces the aesthetic of decay, incorporating images of abandoned malls, obsolete technology, and dilapidated urban environments. This can be seen as a reflection on the impermanence of cultural and technological trends.

    Variants[edit | edit source]

    Laborwave [edit | edit source]

    Laborwave is a politically far-left derivative of Vaporwave or Synthwave that glorifies the past régimes of communist nations, specifically the Soviet Union. Laborwave can be seen as the left-wing equivalent to Fashwave, as both promote views that are seen as politically extreme to many. However, Laborwave is different from File:Sovietwave.png Sovietwave, which is an apolitical sect of Synthwave that promotes Soviet nostalgia.

    Beliefs[edit | edit source]

    Laborwave promotes many politically far-left and Marxist ideas, mainly the ones that have to do with the Soviet Union and other former communist nations in the 20th century. The dominant ideology in the laborwave sphere is Marxism-Leninism, as leftists that hold libertarian or anarchist views usually get into mainstream vaporwave.

    Kuchmawave [edit | edit source]

    Kuchmawave is a Ukrainian variant of Fashwave, satirising the pro-Kuchma boomers that claim everything was better under his presidency.
    Leonid Kuchma was the second president of Ukraine, holding two terms from 1994 to 2005. Under his rule Oligarchs gained more political prominence than ever and more power went into the hands of the presidency, straying away from the mostly parliamentary system under the first president Leonid Kravchuk.

    However a lot of good came out of his presidency too, such as good exchange rates for the Hryvnia and a smaller population decrease, for example.

    Nowadays some boomers in Ukraine claim that absolutely everything was better under Kuchma, and Kuchmawave aims to satirise this using "nostalgic" and nationalistic aesthetics.
    The main source of Kuchmawave content is the telegram channel t.me/national_kuchminismus.

    How to Draw[edit | edit source]

    Flag of Vaporwave
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #160200 22, 2, 0
    Blue #40A2E8 64, 162, 232
    Dark Purple #50104A 80, 16, 74
    Pink #F401D7 244, 1, 215

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    • Synthwave - Base aesthetic, just a little too fast

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